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Helping Local Musicians, Restaurant Workers, Entertainers!

Let's Come Together to make the World a Better Place!


We All Love The Music, Entertainment, Food and Fun... Let's Give Back To Those Who Do All The Work!

Help Us Support All Of Those
Who Support Us! 
Thousands of our Musician, Entertainer, Restaurant & Service Industry friends...

as of Thursday at Midnight!
Let's Support Them!
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100% Of Proceeds Go To These Workers!

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Call: 314-320-0180

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See You - Friday, Mar 20th 9 p.m.
to Sunday Mar 22nd at 1 a.m. - LIVE! 

Here is a link to the 28 Hour Music and Entertainment Marathon

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Donation Locations To Be Announced

Let's Help The Cause!

  • Create the excitement. Some of the best EVER Bands and Entertainers PERFORMING LIVE! Streamed Straight To Your Facebook!
  • We will  bring the fun. Rock 'n Roll, Pop, Comedians, MC's and Interviews Of The Best Bands Around! 
  • Once you know this, you'll want to take part. EVERY DOLLAR Goes To Help The Musicians, Restaurant Crews, Sound Crews, And Entertainers who now need our help - DONATE!

Yes, Now Is Finally Time for the Big EVENT - Go To:  “”

This Streaming Show that is the Perfect Way to help.

Show Time: It's always a good idea to visualize your product. Even if it's a digital product or a service, find some way to make it tangible - with an image.

  • 1
    Produced By: Boz Rocks and the Cardinal Cowboy... We will be putting tohether 28 HOURS of Fun!
  • 2
    The Power of the Music: Enjoy the LOVE of great Music from the Best Bands.... and some laughs from the best comedians in the LOU!
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    Time to Shine: it is YOUR chance to SHINE... Donate Today! 100% of the Proceeds go to the Musicians, Entertainers, Comedians Restaurant Servers & Bar Crew!

Our Board & Crew Makin' It Happen!

"These Artists, Musicians and Restaurant Staff are the reason..." 

"We all owe it to all of these die hard, make it happen, rain or shine people who allow us all to get away from it all for just a little bit... Thank you!"


Dir of the "Board" - Lead Singer of Plastic Kings/Production Manager Boz Rock Productions

"Music with Friends is what makes the world go round!" 

"We all connect in a different way when we get to spend time with those who we all have something in common with... Music is the path to the soul. We need to support those who give us the fuel to get there!"


"Board" Member - Coma Survivor & Creative Communicator of anything fun to make your day a little easier

"We have to take care of those who have always taken care of us!"

"When we saw what was happening with this worldwide craziness we decided we had to get together and do something. I love music and people... and these are the people who work harder than anyone."


Board Member - CEO - Boz Rock Productions and Master Of Why We Need To Do Cool Things To Help People

"Man... life is meant to be like a rock concert... and these are our people!"

"We need to take care of these awesome people. Nothing fun happens without all of their hard work! Give it up for all these crew members and die hard workers!"

Boz Rock

Board Member - Founder & Co-Owner - Boz Rock Productions

"Lets Make this happen!" 

I knew immediately that we needed to do something for our friends in the music and bar industry. My soul is not full without music!

Tammy Scism

Board Member - Public Relations Director - Boz Rock Productions

"Music can make you laugh, cry, dance, and fall in love." 

Music is a universal language and connector in life that speaks for us when words fail. During this challenging time which separates us from our friends, and family, may the music speak for and connect us once again. We thank you for your love and support of the St. Louis scene.


Event MC - Beyond FM Radio Show Host, Local Philanthropist

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Event Produced by Boz Rock Productions, LLC

Live Streaming by Cardinal Cowboy -
CBR Holdings LLC

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